in Art Linen


Our Avaśa is an open front cocktail jacket characterised by accentuated sleeves that are gathered, tucked and puffed to create a unique effect.

This loosely woven art linen is produced from hand twisted yarns. Smooth in texture with a thread woven border, the brushed gold tone gives this piece an elegant finish.

  • 100% pure Habotai Silk lining
  • Contrasting Lining (Hot Pink) (Slate Grey)
  • Concealed seams and stitches / No fastenings or closures
  • Made by hand
  • Craft:  Handloom weave
  • Origin:  Chattisgargh
  • Time on loom approx:  4-5 days of love, care & craft

Lined in luxurious pure habotai silk, the Avaśa offers versatility.

She can be worn with jeans, faux leather leggings, skirts or over dresses. Style her up or down as you wish!

The earliest evidence of linen manufacture dates back to approx 4,000 years ago, in Egypt. In present day India, Kochi in the Southwestern State of Kerala is the leading producer and exporter of linen textiles.

A fiber obtained from the phloem of a plant (within the bark), it has superior tensile strength as compared to many other fabrics.

Breathable, stronger and more lustrous than cotton, it is the most costly and luxurious of all the bast fibers.