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Our Story


The Creative Director, Designer and Founder of the brand is Pravani Govender, a travelling spirit with a soul that seeks out authenticity and purpose, making her creations distinctively unique.

Drawing inspiration from nature, architecture, culture and craft, her design philosophy rests firmly in creative flow.

An honouring of the creative process and embracing the natural course it may take. We are committed to remaining true to our creative insights, and in so doing, are not influenced by a seasonal calendar or trends, but rather, open to creating that which most inspires us…. timeless, limited collections offering the P R A V A N I consumer a unique experience with each new collection.

Pieces that are made to last, constructed with care and attention to detail… Collections that evolve, as we do.

Considered and conscious practices are at the core of our brand ethos. It is important for us to continually align our processes to ensure a greener footprint, without diluting the essence of our brand.


Unique design aesthetics, showcasing varied techniques and finest fabrics, whilst always remaining true to what inspires us most.

Distinguishable, limited edition collections that hold meaning for both you, and us.


Pravani Govender

PRAVANI was born out of a strong desire I have, to create a sense of meaning within the realm of fashion and design. I’ve always wanted to deliver magnificence to the world and haven’t always been sure what form that would take. What I do know, is that my love for design began at a noticeably young age. From restyling pieces off my Mum’s closet, to having her cut and restitch store bought garments to my liking – my sense of style developed over many years.

I believe we should all present our truest selves to the world and our choice in clothing is an extension of our individual essence. My vision is for each design to take on a life of her own, through the wearer. Fabrics and techniques of high quality that hold stories of heritage, culture and craft…meaningful garments you want to hold onto. It’s a rarity I wish to humbly restore to the consumer experience.


Ethically Sourced


Responsible sourcing is important to us. At each step of the process, we have ensured ethical practices both on the part of textile production and partnering with suppliers who ensure their craftspeople are safe, fairly treated and employed within environments that meet good and ethically compliant standards.

Hand Made


Each piece has been made by the hands of skilled artisans. We believe this adds to the individual allure of every piece that is produced. No two pieces are ever, exactly, the same.

Quality Products


Small scale fabric creation, individually hand stitched pieces, finest pure fabrics and artisanal embroidery detailing guarantees our adherence to high quality control standards.

Slow Fashion


In an age where everything has been sped up, much to our detriment….we have consciously chosen to slow down. Adopting slow fashion principles ensures we leave a lighter footprint on our planet. It further creates meaning in the products we choose to purchase. Items that are created to last longer, be handed down to loved ones and cherished by the consumer as a rare collectible. No fast fashion processes were required to produce this line.

Anamaya Collection



We set out to create a collection reflective of a journey through many parts of India. A true portrayal of Indian heritage textiles, handcraft and tradition. More than this, we wanted to deliver a product that restored our belief in meaningful merchandise.

An authentic experience for us and the consumer. Garments that are timeless in design, luxurious, unique in every way, with a focus on quality. Each piece in this collection tells a story of a heritage handcraft, the lineage of an artisan, the sense of pride and belonging that comes with tradition and culture.

We are so happy to share these stories with you. With each garment purchased and worn, the story develops and continues.

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