In Khadi cotton


Kimono inspired, of flow and balance, the Tulā is a contrast of sharp lines and swan-like movement.

Angular cut sleeves have pleats running down the centre, adding to her flare. Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, you will find a half nehru collar at the back.

Pure Khadi in solid lava grey with intricate red and black embroidery detail. This piece is comfortable, soft and the epitome of understated elegance.

An inherent symbol of India’s national identity, even today, Khadi holds special significance in relation to freedom and independence.

Make a statement about heritage textiles, independence, craftsmanship and sustainability every time you wear our Tulā in Khadi cotton.

  • 100% pure Habotai Silk lining
  • Contrasting Lining (Slate Grey)
  • Concealed seams and stitches / No zips or buttons
  • Made by hand
  • Craft:  Handloom weave
  • Origin:  Gujarat
  • Time on loom approx:  5 – 7 days of love, care & craft

Both the kimono style jacket and waist tie are lined in pure habotai silk of a contrasting colour to that of the outer fabric.

Featherlight in all fabric choices, with no zips or buttons, the Tulā is the perfect companion on a warm summer’s day.

A long flowy skirt, over an A-line dress, linen pants, shorts or jeans – almost anything goes!

An ancient spinning technique with its earliest origins in the 6th Century, Khadi is most recognised for its association with the Swadeshi movement, a drive for Indian independence.

Spearheaded by Mahatma Gandhi in 1918, the Khadi movement focused on creating local jobs and developing Industry within India. Thus, weaving Khadi into the very fabric of India’s Independence movement.

Hand spinning and weaving Khadi textile requires infinite patience by skilled artisans, with years of expertise, dedicating many hours to the craft in order to produce this exceptional natural, fibre, cloth.

Traditionally made from cotton, Khadi is the perfect textile for sustainable manufacturing.