in Tussar Silk & Zardosi


Our Dhīra has a skilfully tailored silhouette. Strategically placed darts and seams ensure fit and form. With a distinct collar feature and deep side slits, she contours giving shape to the body.

This undyed Tussar Silk, is inherently creamy-honey-beige in colour with an uneven golden sheen. We love its natural lustre!

A unique feature of this design is the hand embroidered peacock centred at the back of the coat, using Zardosi technique. Inspired by The Lost Peacock Throne – considered one of the most bejewelled and splendorous thrones in the world.

The colourful and intricately crafted detail stands out against the natural gold tussar silk.

A statement piece for any discerning wardrobe.

  • 100% pure Habotai Silk lining
  • Contrasting Lining (Peacock blue)
  • Bespoke hook and eye fastenings
  • Hand embroidery zardosi peacock design
  • Concealed seams and stitches
  • Made by hand
  • Craft:  Handloom weave
  • Origin:  Jharkand
  • Time on loom  approx. 4-5 days of love, care & craft
  • Zardosi handcraft: 7 days

Pair the Dhīra with jeans/leggings, over a long skirt or dress, or even on her own as a dress coat.

She is versatile, on-trend and ever-so-flattering.

Known as Kosa Silk in Sanskrit, it is a type of pure wild silk produced primarily in the states of West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkand.

This raw fabric has a rich yet coarse texture, is light and airy, and delicate yet structured.It has rather unique thermal properties in that it keeps the wearer warm in winter and cool in summer.

Accompanying this design is the ancient Persian craft of Zardosi embroidery. Considered one of the most lavish styles of embroidery, this regal art made its way to India during the Mughal Era (16th Century).

A highly skilled technique painstakingly crafted by hand using an adda bichana (wooden frame), incorporating fine metallic embellishments, thin needle points, hand drawn patterns and wires, beads, curved hooks, and threads…all interwoven to create timeless, individually unique embroidery designs.

This type of embroidery work can take one days or months to complete, based on the intricacy.

Click here to watch zardosi craft in process

You will find that the fabric on this piece has not been dyed. A conscious choice to highlight the natural beauty of pure Tussar silk and pay homage to the humble silkworms producing this illustrious yarn.